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What is the imvu Creator Program? (I-china : 2008-6-25)
Join the FUN and CHALLENGING world of imvu Content Creators. We give you the basic tools to get started, and the rest is up to your imagination. Earn Credits and build up your own
New imvu CEO !! (I-china : 2008-6-20)
A Special Announcement posted by Joepez in the imvu forum stated that CaryJay has become the new CEO of IMVU Inc and Will Harvey, the prior CEO and co-founder has his new role in I
What is imvu Credits ? (I-china : 2008-6-20)
imvu contains its own economy with a currency system based on IMVU credits. The credits are used by members to purchase virtual items like fashion pieces (hair, clothes, skins, fur
What is imvu? (I-china : 2008-6-20)
imvu is a new way to hang out and have fun with your friends online!Just like an old-school text-based messenger, you download IMVU's software onto your PC. But with IMVU you creat
What is your relationship with imvu? (I-china : 2008-6-20)
Welcome to imvuCredits.cn, the professional IMVU Credits exchanger! Since 2007 and after built a site, which has been buying and selling virtual currency, the founders, in IMVU for