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What are Public Rooms?

Public Rooms, currently under alpha testing and rapid development, are rooms created by a large and growing community of IMVU testers. These rooms may be visited by anyone, and tools on the website and the client allow you to browse those rooms and join them so that you can socialize in 3D with several other people.

What are the system requirements?

Public Rooms requires IMVU Client version 383.2 or higher, a fast computer with a dedicated graphics card, and a broadband connection.

Where may I find out more about Public Rooms, and share my feedback?

An IMVU Group, called "IMVU Public Rooms Alpha Test" can be found here.

Joining a room takes forever to load. What should I do?

This release currently works best for rooms that have items totaling 4,000KB or less, and for the best experience, we recommend keeping your avatar within a range of 1,000-2,000KB. Products with very high polygon counts also affect the performance of the client when many avatars are present in the room.

What is text chat?

Text chat is an alternative way of viewing conversations by providing a text box at the bottom of your 3D window. It is similar to the text chat boxes that you may have seen in other instant messaging applications.

How do I report abuse?

To report abuse about a specific avatar in a Public Room, click on the avatar and choose the "report abuse" option.

How do I report a Public Room that violates IMVU's Terms of Service?

To report a Public Room, find the room in the Public Rooms panel, and choose 'flag the room as in appropriate.'

Can IMVU ban and boot people in Public Rooms?

Yes. IMVU administrators may visit any Public Room and take any necessary action to deal with room griefers and Terms of Service violators. This may include, but is not limited to, some or all of the following: Being booted out of public room chats, being permanently banned from joining any public room chats, having your Public Room deleted,

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