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Recent events have reminded us how important it is for IMVU users to understand and abide by standard rules of conduct. The following information is intended to clarify and augment the posted terms of service.

Forums Posting - forums communication should comply with posted guidelines; Forums moderators are tasked with managing the various threads and are assigned to make recommendations for banning/unbanning users who are in violation.

Copyright - IMVU operates IAW the DMCA and prosecutes copyright infringement when contacted by the IP author or designated agent. IMVU uses a punitive, three-strike policy to punish verified copyright infringement; violators forfiet pro-status for 30 days on the first strike and lose development priveleges permanently on the third strike.

Catalog Submissions - IMVU uses a flag-for-review system to manage products for mature content. Items flagged by users are vetted by IMVU staff, with a sufficient number of flags triggering an automatic re-categorization into the mature category. IMVU staff do not actively police the catalog for copyright, pornography, violence, or character defamation.

Product Reviews - IMVU users may post reviews of various products only if they own the product. IMVU does not provide guidelines on the feedback contained in a review - blatant character defamation, profanity, etc. are discouraged, and may subject the reviewer to further actions per IMVU terms of service. Our default position is that if you've paid for the item you have the right to have your say.

Professional Developer Status - pro-developer status is awarded by IMVU staff to various developers who meet a set of criteria, among them maintaining a reasonable degree of professionalism in the IMVU environment.

Avatar Homepage Content - IMVU does not actively police content on avatar homepages. Except for those items that would qualify as mature, there is no restriction on the content visible in an avatar homepage.

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