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Busher - Partner

Blusher’s real name is Stephanie,  Borned on the 5th of January 1992, currently Lives on a small island called Malta.  She is studying Accounting and Business at the moment.  She was referred from a friend to join Imvu on the 27th of July 2006 and started using photoshop. After that and she started making great quality products.

She has made tons of friends on IMVU and it’s a great opportunity to meet people from different countries.  She also states that she  cherish her family and her closest friends because without them she doesnt know where she would be.

trublestatics - Partner

Born with a creative streak, troublestatics has always been into different forms of art. Be it dancing, singing, designing or simply drawing what she felt like. Growing up she felt a strong inclination towards techonology. Now, at the age of 16 she finds herself playing around with both sides on our beloved imvu. She is also a full time college student. Developing makes her happy. Playing with colours, new styles, its a good feeling. She lives for the moment, but cares for the future..


TheLoveZero - Partner

Thelovelyzero, also Veratrine and the founder of Developersinc, is a 24 year old female living in the state of California. However, Zero is NOT your typically California girl. With long dark hair and pale green eyes, she leans towards the darker things in life. Her hobbies: Spending time with her family and one day to be husband, playing with Binx her kitty who acts much more like a wombat than a cat really, and collecting dark art like masquerade masks, skeleton keys, and antiques. Zero has been with imvu since the beginning of the first fully animated heads. Though she isn’t yet a mesher, her textured designs branch from all styles such as Gothic, Cyber goth, Victorian, Fetish, Macabre, and Metal head! With much trial and error in the past, Zero’s current products are taking a huge step forward with more quality and detail than ever before!

Mayomaa - Partner

Liziaah was born on September 1978 on the beautiful Island of Aruba. She studied Fashion designing in The Netherlands, and also did some Graphic designing. On November 2006 Liziaah joined imvu and started to develop in March 2007. She loves to develop for imvu in her free time to show her skills especially in Fashion. As hobby she likes to paint,travel, shop and spent time with her family as much as she can.



CaYz - Partner

CayzCaYz graduated from Royal Melbourne University of Technology with a Bachelor of Graphic Design. However, becoming a Fashion Designer have always been CaYzCaYz ultimate dream and IMVU has made it possible Now living in Jakarta, CaYzCaYz is spending most of her times hunting and collecting branded bags =^ . ^=




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