Sell IMVU Credits

We are currently buying credits from developers. At this moment we are now paying $41.50 per 100,000 IMVU credits. Become an associate and make even more! To sell your credits fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

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Become an Associate


Being an Associate is like being a partner. You will be paid $43.00 per 100,000 IMVU credits. In addition, you will also get these perks:

  1. guaranteed credit purchases at top dollar
  2. your banner rotated on my product pages (an example)
  3. your new products featured on my website - updated whenever possible
  4. a direct link to your products featured on my toolbar that people can download
  5. your banner listed on my website that people can easily click on or copy the code and paste on their homepage

How do I become an Associate?

It's easy. You just need to follow IMVU's TOS and also our own Rules of Conduct:

  1. You must be a developer
  2. You must have well branded products
  3. You do not have any products that violate any copyrights including songs and stolen textures
  4. You support this site by inserting our banner into each and every product page and your homepage plus continue to keep it there.

Ok Ok, I want to be an Associate or sell my credits

To sell credits or become an associate fill please fill out the form below for consideration.

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